5 School Rules and Student Handbook

Hallway Classroom Cafeteria Bathroom Auditorium
Respect Be polite to others and keep your hands to yourself Follow directions, be kind and polite to people and property Be polite to lunchroom staff and peers Clean up after yourself, avoid unnecessary socializing, get to class quickly Listen and positively respond to speaker or performers when appropriate
Prepared Getting the materials you need for next class Have all materials out and ready Know your lunch number, have money, or lunch Use during passing period Enter single file, fill in all seats and sit up straight
Prompt Walking to class with a purpose In the classroom when the bell rings In the cafeteria when the bells rings In and out and then back to class Following the auditorium procedures quickly and quietly
Positive Smiling and using positive language Encourage others and persevere through challenges Eating politely, be friendly to your neighbor Keep to your  business and take care of yourself Supportive and polite audience members
Productive Getting to class without lingering Participate, follow directions, and work Sit down, eat, clean up Take care of your personal needs and wash your hands with soap and water Attentively sitting and engaged with program

GBMS Student Handbook 2013