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Physical Education

Rachel Van Devender


The electives at Grant include Art, Music, Physical Education, AVID and Technology. Students rotate through the elective classes every trimester.

  • Visual Art classes include a curriculum rich in skills needed for the 21st century. In art, this means that students will focus on being creative and innovative. They will collaborate with their peers, become problem solvers, and use critical thinking skills as they create art and observe art created by others. They will use technology both for investigating art and as part of their creation of art. While investigating art around the world, they will become more aware of the global world around them. During their three years at Grant, the students will use these 21st century skills and apply the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, as they incorporate these tools to their daily activities in and out of art. The Essential Learning Goals are aligned to district and State standards. The Elements of art are Space, line, shape, form, texture, value and Color. The Principles of design are Pattern, Rhythm, Balance, Movement, Contrast, Unity, Emphasis and Harmony.
  • Music at GBMS is primarily centered around instrumental band classes. Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade who sign up for band get the opportunity to choose which instrument they would like to learn (saxophone, trumpet, etc.). Throughout the course of the semester/school year students will learn how to read music, play their instrument, compose music and put on a concert for families and the community. For the student who enjoys music but does not necessarily want to learn a traditional instrument, there are also two different opportunities for students to participate in music during their enrichment time. The first enrichment course is a guitar class that is open to students of all grades and abilities (guitars are provided). The second opportunity for students to participate in music is through a music technology course that focuses on students writing their own music using programs like Garage Band and BeatLab.
  • Physical Education students enjoy a wide variety of team and individual sports like soccer, floor hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, badminton, dance and Frisbee as well as units in health. Fitness is stressed to improve the student’s cardiovascular endurance and strength.
  • AVID -   Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teaching strategies are used by all teachers. Students should be exposed to a variety of AVID strategies such as Cornell note taking, COSTAS Level of Questioning and Socratic Seminar. These strategies are also introduced in AVID elective classes.
  • In Technology classes, the students are prepared to master the skills needed in technology for the 21st century. Through their three years at Grant Beacon Middle School, the students create projects in all programs of the Microsoft Office Suite, conduct web based research, practice keyboarding, use 2.0 web tools as well as producing multimedia videos. Essential Learning Goals are aligned to district, state and ISTE standards.