Enrichments take place everyday at Grant from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Students choose two enrichments each quarter and participate in one enrichment on Mondays and Wednesdays and the other on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Teachers and Community Partners offer enrichments in the following categories:

  • Math, Science & Technology
  • Literature
  • Arts & Culture
  • Leadership
  • Athletics
  • Academic Skill Building

GBMS Enrichment Offerings – Quarter 1



Prepared to be challenged with your math skills as we explore mathematics beyond what is taught in your regular classroom.  We will incorporate technology as you work to develop strategic problem-solving skills and sharpen your analytical abilities.

Center of the Universe

An in-depth look at our planets and the solar system. Students will explore the properties of the 8 planets and take a closer look at the components of our solar system and other objects in space.

CSI Denver – Forensics & Human Anatomy

Introduction to concepts in biology, forensics, and anatomy. We will explore how clues and connections can solve mysteries in the world around us.

Chemical Mysteries

Students will investigate the basic properties and fundamentals of chemistry through laboratory inquiry. Topics included will be atomic theory, properties of the periodic table of elements and chemical interaction and calculations.

Student Laptop Project

Learn computer hardware, orientation, maintaining a computer and all the special vocabulary that goes along with it!  Have a lot of fun while doing it all. With 100% effort and attendance- a HP Laptop may be at the end of the experience for you!

Tinkering with Tools

Use tools to take things apart and maybe put them back together!  In this class you will become a tinkerer, inventor, creator, maker, dreamer, scientist, or engineer.

Breathe: Science and Technology for Girls

If you don’t start protecting the Earth who will? Learn about the environment and explore the air around you! Come perform experiments and learn how to help clean up the environment in more ways than one! Please note this class is for girls only.


AVID General Studies & Study Skills

Prepare for middle school with organization, Cornell notes, collaboration skills, Costa’s levels of questioning.

True Spark

Movie screening events that inspire greatness and improve character.

Self Knowledge & Effective Leadership

This is a fun class full of activities to start learning yourself and skills to be an effective leader.  A great leader has communication, problem solving and relationship skills.  Come to our class and start building the best leader in you!

Peer Mentoring

This Enrichment program will teach students the unique leadership skills they need to act as mentors to their differently abled peers.

Girls are Great!

Come join us for some girl time. We will talk about what’s important to you: relationships, friends, health, your future and so much more.

Peace 4 Kids

This Enrichment program will teach students the social skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond. As a class we will be learning and practicing Social Skills used daily in school and society.


Poetry Jam

In this course, students will read a breadth of poetry.  Students will identify and analyze elements of poetry.  Once proficient at analysis, students will write in a range of poetry genres

Busta Rhyme

This class is all about song lyrics and music videos. We start with analyzing your favorite songs for rhetorical devices, look at some classics, and then write some of our own. In the second half, we will look at the construction of music videos, then learn basic video technique, then film your own music video.

Comic Book Classroom

Have you ever wanted to make your own comic book?  In this class, that is exactly what we will do!  Learn techniques the professionals use and make a final project of a finished comic book.


Intro course to Greek and Roman mythology with courses after focusing on Egyptian, Celtic, Nordic, and Asian mythology.  Then a final course studying mythological archetypes with research on mythical allusions, especially in art. Includes a field trip to the Art Museum.


ALEKS Lab Time / Study Hall

Enhance your Math Skills and meet your continuation requirements using the ALEKS program. Receive customized support from teachers.

Grade-Level MathTime

Skills class targeted toward “filling holes” – Need some extra help and time in math?  This class is for you!  In this smaller class, teachers will focus on the skills that you need to complete your ALEKS pie chart, as well as any help that you might need in your math class.

Reading in the Dark

Using the “Reading in the Dark” curriculum, students will learn to visualize written stories BY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, it, aerobicsBY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, it, aerobicsBY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, it, aerobicsBY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, it, aerobicsBY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, it, aerobicsBY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, it, aerobicsBY we, you, mentors, a, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, itBY we, you, mentors, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, itBY we, you, mentors, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, itBY we, you, mentors, well, any, we, well, spatial, an, we, itby studying film and the elements of fiction, and then analyzing those elements through writing.  Emphasis on reading strategies (higher level thinking with lower-level strategies).

Remarkable Readers

Ever pick up a great book, but realize quickly that you don’t understand it?  Maybe you just want a class that’ll give you the time and space to read. This course will provide you with the time and tools to help you succeed in reading.


Jam Band

Music class for students with 1 year of experience on an instrument or extra interest in learning a musical instrument.

Afro-Cuban Drumming

Learn Congas and the deep tradition of Afro-Cuban folkloric rhythms and music. For centuries Cuban music has enjoyed the rich drumming traditions from many places in Africa in making music uniquely Cuban.

Multi-media Journalism

Journalism in a production class designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical journalistic experience producing school newscasts uploaded to the internet.  Students will write news features, sports, etc; In addition, students gain experience in editing, filming, and directing.

Sprocket Communications Newsletter

PREREQUISITE: TEACHER APPROVAL. Students and teacher will work with Sprocket Communications to develop a community newsletter.


Students will learn the fundamentals of debate, observe High School debate teams and participate in a debate team.

Languages of the World

Explore a variety of languages from around the world and understand how they are similar yet distinct.

Art History

Follow the path of art over time as we apply hands-on research to cave paintings, hieroglyphics, architecture and famous paintings.

Colorado Explorer for 8th grade

This class focuses on learning about the history of Colorado.  Semester 1focuses on tourism and how it has shaped the state today, while Semester 2 focuses on ancient peoples of the southwest. Fundraising is a key part of class which culminates in a field trip in the winter and in the spring.  8th grade students only!

US History through Film

Learn about the history of the United States by analyzing historical texts and historical films.

Hip-Hop Dance

Students study hip-hop dance concepts as well as spatial awareness, problem solving and strengthening. Culminates with a performance!

Motion Lab

Motion Lab includes a lot of team building, exercise, working together and fun while learning new dance moves. Culminates with a performance!

Improv Acting Class!

Improv Acting Classes with the Black Actors Guild is a fun class of acting games that will build your skill as an Actor. Come join us as we play a variety of games that will test your wit, help you analyze scenes, and teach you to be more critical.

Going Green, Living Bling

Learn the true acronym of HIP HOP: Higher Inner Peace, Helping Other People, discover your passion as it relates to your community, identify the causes of the health issues in our neighborhoods and brainstorm solutions to these issues.

Art in Motion

Choose from a wide variety of art materials to create art that helps express who you are.  Learn how to translate ideas into an art piece, improve your problem-solving skills, and get to know yourself and others better through the creative process.

Arts & Crafts

Methods to combine design and function for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional form with references to other cultures through historical and contemporary imagery.


Sound Body, Sound Mind

Teach students the importance of total body wellness.  Students will learn and participate in activities that utilize the components of fitness such as aerobics, step, gliding, Pilates, Yoga, fitball, strength training, and others!

Yoga for Athletes

The Wellness Initiative is offering a fun and playful introduction to yoga. Through flowing sequences, balancing poses, breathing exercises, and creative relaxation techniques, we encourage body awareness, personal exploration, and improved focus.

Boys Soccer

Girls Softball

Cross country

Flag Football