What is an Innovation School?

Its pretty cool I promise

IMG_5691As an Innovation School, GBMS will have the ability to implement a more rigorous college prep curriculum; blended learning with technology-based instruction, applications, and assessments; a system for frequently analyzing student data; and research-based interventions that would all result in high growth and achievement. Innovation Status allows Grant Beacon Middle School to increase instructional time, continue to reduce class sizes in reading, writing and math and continue to provide professional development needed to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

Areas of Innovation

1. Integration of Technology

a. Blended Learning, Technology-based instruction, applications and assessments

b. Promethean Whiteboard Interactive Instruction in all core classes

c. Assigned Chromebook for every student

2. Rigor of Academics

a. Pre-AP classes and AP articulation agreement with South High School

b. Curriculum compacting and acceleration for advanced students

c. Read 180 intervention for literacy

d. Math 180 intervention for math

e. Additional time for math and reading interventions in extended day

3. Relevance of Enrichment Opportunities

a. Added music/band and foreign language electives

b. Teacher-led enrichment and advanced content courses in Extended Learning Time (ELT)

c. Expanded offering of community-led enrichments from Fridays to everyday

d. Expand the type of enrichment offered to include drama, band, dance STEM, etc.

e. Full time business manager to administer the ELT enrichment program