William Horan
6th Grade


Pual Macias
7th Grade

Jeff Kurtz
8th Grade

Labs, Labs, Labs! At Grant Beacon Middle School our science teachers expect more than theory. They have students experience hands on dissection and creation.

Grant Beacon Middle School implements district adopted science curriculum; supplemented with online, blended learning resources and project-based learning applications.

6th Grade: Earth Science: Investigating Earth Systems (IES), developed by the American Geological Institute and published by It’s About Time.
Units of Study
Unit 1: Rocks and Landforms
Unit 2: Dynamic Planet
Unit 3: Astronomy
Unit 4: Water as a Resource
Unit 5: Climate and Weather

7th Grade Life Science: Science and Life Issues (SALI) was developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science and is published by Lab-Aids.
Units of Study
Unit A: Studying People Scientifically
Unit B: Body Works
Unit C: Micro-Life
Unit D: Our Genes, Our Selves
Unit E: Ecology
Unit F: Evolution

8th Grade: Physical Science: InterActions in Physical Science (IPS) was developed by San Diego State University and is published by It’s About Time.
Units of Study
Building a Foundation
Interactions and Energy
Interactions and Conservation
Materials and Interactions
Physical Interactions and Phases
Chemical Interactions
Mechanical Interactions and Forces