Special Services

Linda Barber
Nurse – At Grant on Tuesdays and

Cindy Cairella
Speech – At Grant on Tuesday and Thursday
Mary Ziegler-Zimmerman
M/M Teacher
Janet Draper
Gifted and Talented

Jason Gilbert
AN Teacher

Tammie Petrone
Dean of Students
Britta Lansdowne
MI Teacher


Gifted and Talented – Parents and teachers are informed of the characteristics of Gifted and Talented students at the start of each school year and are encouraged to refer students who exhibit these characteristics to the DPS GT department for evaluation. Students participate in GT screening in accordance with district guidelines.


Students who are identified as GT or HGT will have Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) in place. ALPs are a planning guide for making instructional decisions about materials, programming options and assessments for gifted students based upon strengths, interests, and social-emotional needs. They are critical in the transition of gifted students from one level of schooling to the next and from school to school. The ALP will include information about the student’s areas of strength and what curriculum and programming options will be provided to match these strengths. The ALP will describe the differentiation methods to be used for acceleration, depth and complexity, higher order thinking skills and content extensions.

Students who are identified as GT, as well as other advanced learners, will have opportunities to participate in accelerated academic content, curriculum compacting, and challenging academic enrichment programs that support their advanced learning needs. The Grant Beacon Middle School GT teacher will consult with all classroom teachers on strategies to support GT students and will consult with the DPS GT department on academic and enrichment opportunities (e.g. Destination Imagination, Science Olympiad, Shakespeare Festival, etc.) that are available to GT students and advanced learners.

Response to Intervention (RTI) – Grant Beacon Middle School uses a variety of strategies, consistent with the District guidelines for RTI, to close achievement gaps and increase student achievement of all students. These strategies include data-driven instruction, research-driven instruction, research-proven interventions, and frequent progress monitoring of Essential Learning Goals.

Grant Beacon Middle School uses student assessment data from 6-week data cycles to determine the appropriate interventions and monitor student progress in instruction and interventions.

Consistent with the DPS recommendations for differentiating instruction, Grant Beacon Middle School supplements core curriculum with a variety of intervention programs based in student learning needs.

AVID Strategies – AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teaching strategies are used by all teachers. Students should be exposed to a variety of AVID strategies such as Cornell note taking, COSTAS Level of Questioning and Socratic Seminar. These strategies are also introduced in AVID elective classes.